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Ordinance on the issue of licences to aviation personnel of the civil aviation of the Republic of Bulgaria

Ordinance No. 7/14.01.1999 on the registration of civil aircraft in the Republic of Bulgaria

Ordinance No. RD-08-20 dated 14 January 1999 on collection of statistical information about the civil aviation in the Republic of Bulgaria

Ordinance No.13 dated 27 January 1999 on investigation of aviation accidents

Ordinance No. 16 of 14 January, 1999 on the Aviation Noise and Gas Emissions of the Aviation Engines

Ordinance No. 16 Appendices

Ordinance No. 19 on the procedures for the establishment and the rules for the operation of the unified system for civil and military management of the air space

Regulation No. 20 for certification airports and aerodromes and for licensing airport operators and handling operators

Ordinance No. 145 on the establishment of an approved organisation for  maintenance and repairs of aeronautical products