Communication Terms
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"Arc Light"
Radio code words for massive high altitude saturation bombing by B-52s.

bandit call
A radio warning of the proximity or approach of hostile aircraft; a "bad bandit call" is a false alarm.

Radio communications brevity code for mil power. Usually used to indicate that the pilot is coming out of WEP or afterburner.

call sign
Radio identifier and name for an aircraft or flight of aircraft; also given to individual flight-crew members and support personnel.

click-click. In typed radio communications of online multplayer sims like Warbirds and Air Warrior, it represents what in the real world is two clicks of the radio mike, a brevity code meaning "yes" but often used for "received and understood."

Signal that the carrier is ready for aircraft recovery. "Fox33 you are charlie on arrival."

Pilot's radio response to the LSO's "check ball" if the ball cannot be seen.

"Feet dry"
Radio brevity code for crossing from over-water to over-land flight.

"Feet wet"
Radio brevity code for crossing from over-land to over-water flight.

"Fox 1"
Radio brevity code indicating an AIM-7 Sparrow missile has been fired.

"Fox 2"
Radio brevity code indicating an AIM-9 Sidewinder missile has been fired. Can be appended with the model code, as in "Fox 2 Lima" for an AIM-9L.

"Fox 3"
Radio brevity code indicating an AIM-54 Phoenix has been fired.

"Fox 4"
Radio brevity code indicating an AIM-120 AMRAAM has been fired.

Radio brevity code indicating that the pilot is out of fuel or has complete loss of engine power.

Guard, guard channel
A radio channel used primarily ("guarded") for emergency calls.

Means you are engaging the enemy. This is often said with a bit of enthusiasm, such as "In In In!"

"no joy"
Used to indicate that you are unable to see a target that is expected to be in your vicinity.

Indicates a radio conversation is ended and no response is expected.

Indicates a radio transmission is ended and a response is awaited.

In radio communications, means "I have received and understood all of your last transmission." It should not be used to answer a question requiring a yes or a no answer.

Return To Base. Shorthand, often used in the typed Фradio' comms of online multiplayer flight sims.

Activate specific modes/codes/functions on the aircraft transponder.

"Tally Ho"
A radio communication indicating that an aircraft has another aircraft or object in sight.

WILL COmply In radio comms, "I have received your message, understand it, and will comply with it."

Radio brevity code for "out of ammo."