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Aircraft Commander. The pilot in charge of the aircraft.

A flyer credited with shooting down at least five enemy aircraft in air-to-air combat; also means "good." Can be multiplied as in "double ace," "triple ace," etc.

Aircraft Handling Officer, aka The Handler. A member of the air wing responsible for spotting and movement of aircraft on the flight deck.

Air intelligence officer, aka Spy. Squadron officer responsible for dissemination of intelligence and threat assessment to squadron pilots during briefings.

Air Boss
One of the most reviled members of the Air Wing. Said to have spontaneously spawned from the combination of kerosene, anti-skid, and steam. Sometimes seen in PriFly wearing a yellow shirt, snapping at flys. Actually the head of the air dept. and God.

A backseat pilot or navigator in a two-seat tandem aircraft.

Commanding Officer. The officer in command of a squadron, ship, or unit.

Commander, Air Group. The commanding officer of the carrier air wing. The term CAG refers to Commander, Air Group and is still used in spite of the fact it's outdated. CAG sounds much better than CAW.

Commander IN Chief. Overall, this would be the President (for U.S. forces). Can also be used in reference to the leaders of specific organizations or areas, e.g. CINCLANT and CINCPAC are the CINCs of the Atlantic and Pacific Fleets, respectively.

Chief of Naval Operations. The top operational post in the USN.

Deputy Commander for Operations. Just one of a Commander's right hand men, in this case tasked with operational responsibilities.

Deputy commander for Operations. Directly supervises all Air Force wing air operations for the wing commander.

A flight engineer; an enlisted man or NCO who monitors and maintains aircraft operation in-flight and otherwise aids the air crew.

Forward Air Controller. An airborne controller who directs air attacks in the forward area of battle.The airborne director of strikes against ground targets; the FAC spots targets and then helps attacking aircraft locate them.

Fighter/Attack Guys. A derisive moniker for F/A-18 pilots bestowed by the Fighter community.

Freakin' New Guy, aka nugget. An inexperienced flyer.

Guy In Back. The pilot or navigator who flies in the back seat of any tandem, two-seat aircraft.

Joint Chiefs of Staff. The highest ranking officers in the US Armed Forces; at the Pentagon they advise the SecDef and the President, as well as oversee their respective services.

A fighter pilot; possibly derives from "jockey" or "jockstraps," since those who wear them are usually athletic, manly, and rugged.

Leader, or flight leader, the number-one or command aircraft in a formation.

Landing Signal Officer, aka Paddles. One who assists pilots recovering aboard an aircraft carrier.

Non-Commissioned Officer. Term for higher ranking enlisted men, who although not commissioned officers, have nevertheless become leaders of their fellow enlistees due to their experience, professionalism and time in service.

Officer In Command. The person in charge of a given operation, task or watch period.

Old heads
Experienced flyers, as opposed to FNGs.

Opposing FORces. The opposition or "Red Team" adversaries, especially in war games.

ParaJumper. A paramedic who leaves a rescue helicopter to assist a downed flyer.

Replacement Air Group. Group of training squadrons for training new or rotating aircrew in specific A/C types.

Radar Intercept Officer, aka GIB/Wizzo. Naval officer responsible for the operation of radar and weapon systems. Protected by the bird deflector up front.

The boom operator of a tanker aircraft such as the KC-135 who rides on his stomach in the tail; he faces aft and "scans" or looks through a large window.

Aircrews of the variable wing geometry F-111 Aardvark.

Weapon Systems Officer, aka Wizzo. "Officer responsible for operation of weapon systems, usually aboard US Air Force aircraft."

Executive Officer. The second in command of a squad or unit.